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A New World of Insurance

At Kaf, we do things differently. We understand how the local  insurance market works, and we’re on a mission to bring you the best it has to offer. Our offline and online insurance services are quick, simple, and transparent.
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Tailored for your business, Easy to understand, Tailored for your business

Tailored for your business, Transparent and reliable, Tailored for your business

Product 1/3

Corporate Life

Protecting your employees’ families when they need it most 

Product 2/3

Corporate Pension

Empowering your people to prepare for their retirement 

Product 3/3

Credit Life Insurance

Helping you protect your financials and credit facilities if a customer passes away or faces a disability

The Kaf Difference

Improving experiences every step of the way
Our deep knowledge of the Egyptian insurance
market means we know the difference between
what our clients need and what they want
Making insurance simple
Having insurance and claiming benefits should
never be difficult processes, and we make sure
of it.
Digitalizing your needs
Accessibility is a much-needed privilege for an
individual, a corporation, and a community
Keeping communication open
In our world , insurance doesn’t just benefit the
individual, but everyone around them
Kaf Insurance is...
Easy to
Kaf Insurance is...
Transparent &
Kaf Insurance is...
Tailored for your business